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It’s easy to order you perfect costume design!


1. Any design you see here on my shop can be made to your measurements, in a large range of colours. Orders take 6/8 weeks to be made to order, with plain items from the mix and match collection taking 4 weeks.

2. Use the measurement guide and colour guide below and take notes

3. When measuring please hold the measuring tape naturally around the body – don’t hold the tape too tight or too loose! My outfits are designed to sit nicely on the body like a second skin and not dig in

4. Find your design and pick your colours

5. Contact our team!

handy info: All of my pieces are handmade with high quality dance lycra and lined with a thick and stretchy lining to ensure the wearer feels confident and comfortable.

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Measurement Guide


                                     Colour Guide

Absolutely cannot fault Fi. Her communication is spot on, from listening to your requirements, sending you a sketch of her creation and the final product. The costume fits like a glove and she took into account all my concerns e.g. bra strap coverage which is absolutely key! I stepped on stage worrying about everything except my costume. Worth every penny, thank you Fi!”

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